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Recharge your mobile credit instantly !

USSD Top Up allows you to top up your prepaid mobile phone balance in real time. It is a real-time connection between the phone operator and the user that allows data to be sent and received. USSD technology has a generally faster response time than SMS. It could be considered as a memoryless SMS, i.e. packets with a very similar structure and using the same paths (without the use of an SMSC for USSD) but which the user, not available after the USSD service has been requested, will never receive, as the undelivered packet is not re-sent, nor is it kept in memory. The data is therefore only accessible when the session is opened. This same technology is compatible with 99% of mobile phones and can be carried on the network for roaming users at much lower prices than SMS. The technology is simple to use and is based on short codes, making it easy to use. The Ouroboros USSD solution is a proven and flexible solution that has been successfully deployed around the world on many different sized networks. It has a high capacity, accepting traffic from 1 USSD request per second up to 2000+ USSD events per second.
How do I top up a mobile? There are a number of ways to top up a mobile phone and these differ between operators.
Dial the short number #xxx# provided by your operator.
Choose your top-up method (sometimes a top-up card or PIN code).
Enter the number indicated on the voucher.
Enter the amount if it is not already indicated.
Validate the entry and your top-up is taken into account.

This is the perfect cost-effective, simple and instant solution.

architecture of an ussd gateway

Key Benefits:



Keep control of your network


All the SMS features you need in a turnkey solution