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Ouroboros was founded by brilliant experienced Telecom Mobile Technology specialists who largely contributed to the ISO & ITU-T standardization of ASN.1 (roots of telecommunication networks). Since 2004, Ouroboros has been providing core network solutions to mobile and fixed network operators and partners around the world. Mobile Communications is a fast-paced business environment that requires Telecom Operators to keep deploying innovative and lucrative services while maintaining Network consistency and reliability. Thanks to its flexibility and experience, Ouroboros helps Telco Operators to quickly bring new ideas to life and leverage network investment. Whether you need to quickly launch a new innovative service, implement a Core function in your Network, start an mvno from scratch or exploit new business opportunities based on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or Internet Of Things (IOT), Ouroboros will support you in the process, from requirements definition to deploying in production environments.

Agnostic core technology

All Ouroboros products are built on the top of Ouroboros Advanced Mobile Telecommunication Platform (AMTP for short). The AMTP is a powerful and versatile platform that includes all Signaling protocols stacks, the core engine and all exposed APIs to seamlessly integrate with other vendors equipments and services. AMTP allows carrier-grade services deployment with five to six 9s availability. Thanks to its flexibility, AMTP is embedded into a variety of Ouroboros turn-key solutions, from NSS building blocks such as SMS-C, SCP or EIR to Gateways (USSD-GW, Reverse IM-SFF, etc.) and specific services (IVRs, Probes). It success speaks by itself : AMTP-based solution serves today more than 135 million users over 20 countries, driving the platform to become a worldwide leader in Mobile Communications Infrastructure.

Trustful technical support

Our tech-native support team enjoys a very high degree of credibility among our customers and partners. Each of us talk about Responsiveness, Knowledgeable team and Quick deployment.

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Strong values

- Technicality & Perspicacity [We master all of our developments].

- Innovation & Forward-thinking [We constantly evaluate actual, future needs and beyond].

- Excellence [We deliver resilience and High Service Level Agreements].

- Hard work & Transparency [We work to give simply the best to our customers].

Disruptive DNA

# Agility on COTS servers & virtualized environments.

# Flexibility in business models : we deliver our solutions in Opex (as a rental service) or in CAPeX.

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