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Unstructured Supplementary Service Data Gateway (USSD Gateway): enable quick & real-time communications accessible anywhere in a cheaper way !

Deploying new services in a timely manner is key to network success and profitability. USSD technologies is the smartest choice to comply with this requirement as 99% of mobile phones understand it without any changes (even very old ones). Moreover, USSD travels well through networks for roaming users without overwelming price. Ouroboros USSD Gateway is a well-proven, scalable solution, deployed successfully in many networks of various sizes. Depending on licence and hardware capabilities, each Ouroboros USSD Gateway can accept traffic from as little as 1 USSD request per second for the start-up operators up to 2000+ USSD events per second.

architecture of an ussd gateway

Use Cases:

- Self-care services : Balance Check, Prepaid TopUp, Credit Transfer, Service Option Activation/Delete, etc..
- Location Based services (The USSD Gateway will pull the location information from the Operator HLR).
- Mobile Banking services.
- All Value-added Services, whether “pulled” from the Network (wheather, news, etc.) or “pushed” (Emergency services, Voting, etc.), using or not location information.
- Add ergonomy of a menu to old fashioned SMS service (ring back tone, customer care...)

Key Features:

- SS7 or SIGTRAN connectivity.
- HTTP, SQL and SMPP connectivity support on the Service side.
- Push and Pull Network Gateway.
- Embedded GMLC pull requests service for Location Based Services.
- Capacity per Gateway : starting with 1 USSD message/s and up to 2000+ USSD requests/s per node.
- Unlimited number of nodes sharing the same Point Code or Global Title.
- High-availibility(2*N) or simplex setup.
- COTS hardware, redundant (power supply, HD, SS7/SIGTRAN links).
- Monitoring Agent for remote monitoring.
- Availability of Menu Browser add-on to simplify the deployment of new services.
- Support of Load Balancing for the service servers.
- Charge USSD event or service per time or per action through CAMEL or Diameter.

Key Benefits:



Keep control of your network


All the SMS features you need in a turnkey solution