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  • OUROBOROS : the official coach of new entrants to MVNO market…

  • June 01, 2018
  • The leading provider of telecommunications solutions OUROBOROS adds an unprecedented strategic range to its portfolio to foster the creation of highly competitive MVNOs (virtual mobile network operators) : Excite ROI...

    Provider of core network solutions for fixed and mobile telephony operators, the Toulouse-based company OUROBOROS averages 132 million users worldwide and provides 38% of French full MVNOs. Full MVNOs have all the key elements of a mobile phone network except the radio access they rent from traditional operators. They can use multiple network covers, allowing them to get the best rates and the latest services.
    The global mobile market is teeming with dozens of vendors claiming to have the silver bullet to succeed in this fast-growing market (it is expected to reach $ 98 billion globally by 2023, according to P & S Market Research).
    However, most new entrants do not survive beyond their first year. Many are throwing themselves headlong without taking into account the specific conditions of this highly regulated and highly technological market where the understanding of customer expectations is more than crucial.
    "By focusing only on your initial investments to launch your MVNO, you go straight into the wall! The practice of competitive rates is not enough or no longer enough" says Claude DEHAIS CEO-CTO of Ouroboros. In this hyper-connected world, customer expectations have changed dramatically.
    Today, mobile phone users like interacting from anywhere at anytime and cancel their subscription at the slightest problem. From this observation, the future MVNO solution must be technically robust to manage the interactions expected by the target customers. Moreover, behind each perennial MVNO, there is a "hyperpersonalized" tactical and technical strategy.
    Faced with the ever-increasing demands of new entrants, Ouroboros technical and marketing teams have teamed up to design together an unprecedented range of consulting services called '' EXCITE ROI '' to guide these future mobile phone operators into the customization of their MVNO.
    "This new range, which complements our technical solutions, has been named EXCITE ROI to boost the return on investment of our customers and give them all the technical and strategic keys upstream of their projects" explains Laurence ROBERTON, Chief Marketing Officer of Ouroboros.

    It consists of 3 offers: Excite ROI Target, Excite ROI Network and Excite ROI Customer Experience.
    The "ExciteROI Target" offer
    Excite ROI Target aims at coaching new entrants to structure a competitive mobile network operator when '' targetting '' the needs of future MVNO customers, understanding the world of an operator and making full use of its potential.
    The "ExciteROI Customer Experience (CX)" offer
    Excite ROI CX is particularly focused on the new customer experience driven by new technologies. It is a coaching to understand the experiences, perceptions and expectations of future MVNO users to satisfy their real needs and build loyalty.
    The ''ExciteROI Network '' offer
    Excite ROI Network is the custom MVNO technical deployment guide. A technical expert manages the project as a whole from research and technical discussions with the MNOs and regulator (s) to the deployment design and release and migration plan.

    Exploit the full potential of the mobile world with OUROBOROS !
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    Core network services provider Ouroboros offers consulting expertise to MVNOs

    Friday 1 June 2018 | 16:42 CET | News