Ouroboros Telecom mobile core technology team is your tech brain, strategic guide & solution architect to shape your business success in the new generations of mobile networks [4G-Lte, 5GC-NSA, 5GC-SA]


Ouroboros develops end-to-end solutions & core network elements for fixed and mobile telecom business.

Overview of our portfolio


We help you to build your project : business plan, strategic roadmap & deployment plan to become a MVNO/E or for Digital Transformation.

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Enjoy Our Agility !

We assist you to exploit the full potential of mobile world from strategic planning to on-site or virtual deployment and full technical support.

  • Excite ROI Consulting

    In order to guide newcomers to enter the mobile world, Ouroboros tech engineers and marketing teams have created a specific service to strategize your business to be competitive and generate a quick Return On Investment (ROI).

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  • MVNO solutions

    Ouroboros has architectured Telco-in-Box to start your business as a full MVNO from 1000 to millions subscribers. Highly flexible, the solution is available on a single purchase or under a renting formula and is upgradable through licences.

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  • IOT solutions

    Ouroboros Pocket IOT solution has been thought to connect smart objects to Apps over multiple infrastructures. This greenfield encrypted universal platform based on hybrid technologies secures a high availability of the data communications.

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  • M2M solutions

    M2M Telco-in-Box is a seamless solution based on interconnected hybrid technologies : GSM, LTE and LP-WAN. Smart object-oriented, it ensures timely data flows.

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  • Migration & Upgrades

    Ouroboros provides all the key core elements to migrate your network from your actual generation to 3G, 4G, Lte and 5G. Ouroboros tech team also upgrades your network by adding new lucrative value-added services such as mobile banking, social USSD, Customer Experience tools...

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  • Customer-driven & reliable Support

    Ouroboros technical support is adapted to customers' needs and offers 4 levels of services ranging from Basic to Gold level supports.
    ''At Ouroboros, everything is done to route data to the right destination and on time''.

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