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Next-Gen Messaging Center: Offer an all-generation compatibility...

Subscribers of today and tomorrow are eager to stay reachable anywhere at any time. Our Next-generation messaging center is the right path to enter a wide-area of mobility.

This solution based on a feature-rich SMS Center helps extending the reach to those who are off-line or out of broadband coverage.

Its advanced functionalities combined with its full compatibility with multi-generation communications systems ─ IM, Mail, SMS MO messages, SMS MT messages, USSD Push & Pull, SMPP VAS, SMPP HUB, IM-SIP, Diameter, SGD plus billing and filtering ─ are the right response to our new way to communicate.

architecture of next generation messaging center

Use Cases:

# SMS-enable any application
# Increased reachability
# Smoother information flow
# multi-generation compatibility
# More nomadic services

Key Benefits:


Architecture of the overall solutions


All the SMS features you need in a turnkey solution

Network architecture of USSD gateway

USSD Gateway

Unbeatable time-to-market for your services

Network architecture of scp billing


Get your network ready for new Services