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Compliance Information:

Depending on the product or service to create, Ouroboros Advanced Mobile Telecommunication Platform (AMTP) is compliant with the following standards and recommendations :

- MTP Compliance
      ETS 300-008-1, 300-308-2, ETSI, 1997
      GF001-9001 (SS7 for National Telephone Network of China)
      Q.701-702, ITU-T, 1992
      Q.703-704, ITU-T, 1996
      Q.707, ITU-T, 1992
      Q.781-782, ITU-T, 1996
- SCCP Compliance
      Q.711-715, ITU-T, 1996
      Q.786, ITU-T
- TCAP Compliance
      Q.771-775, 787, ITU-T, 1997
      T1.114, ANSI, 1992
      T1.112, 235, ANSI, 1995
- MAP Compliance
      3GPP 09.002 3.12.0 up to 3GPP 29.002 8.9.0
- Camel
      Phase 1 to 4
- SIGTRAN Compliance
      SCTP : RFC 2960
      M3UA : RFC 4666 et 3332
- PCM interfaces
      G.703: Physical/electrical characteristics of hierarchical digital network
      G.704: Synchronous frame structures used at primary and secondary hierarchical levels
      G.706: Frame alignment and cyclic redundancy check procedures
      G.732: Characteristics of primary PCM multiplex equipment
      G.823: Control of jitter and wander within digital networks based on 2,048 kbps hierarchy
      ETSI: ETS 300-418, 300-246, 300-247, 300-248 Primary Rate User-network Interface Layer 1
      Specification: ITU-T I.431, June 88


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