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Ouroboros GGSN/PDN Gateway : the way towards 4G and beyond...

GGSN/PDN-GW acts as a gateway GPRS support node (GGSN) in 2G and 3G network architecture, a Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN-GW) in a 4G/LTE network architecture.
In order to move towards 4G Long term Advanced network, mobile operators have to integrate the new Evolved Packet Core architecture in their core network. Ouroboros GGSN/PDN Gateway, also known as P-GW, is the crucial element of the 4G mobile network which interconnects the Evolved Packet Core with the external IP networks.
The new challenge resulting from the recent explosive growth in the mobile internet traffic is the network's ability to transfer data without packet loss or latency in order to maintain a very high level of QoS.
Ouroboros experts have ingeniously designed Ouroboros PDN Gateway so that excessive data traffic and scalability can be handled dynamically while ensuring a lucrative and cost-efficient deployment of next-generation communication services over 4G LTE.
This specific architecture relies on a distributed P-Gateway coupled with a distributed mobility management. It enables a rapid and logical resource allocation, Policy and charging Enforcement Function, packet routing and forwarding and filtering.
This logical EPC 3GPP-compliant PDN Gateway delivers remarkable high performances required for ever-increasing volumes of 4G-LTE Voice, Vidéo and Data traffic over mobile broadband networks.

network architecture of the packet data network gateway to deploy your services over 4G Lte

Use Cases:

# Data over LTE
# Emergency
# Bandwitdh management
# Skype over LTE
# VoIP

Key Benefits:


Architecture of Ouroboros PCRF


More control on your telecom network

Architecture of Ouroboros Pocket IOT solution

Pocket IOT solution

Connect objects and devices to Apps over multiple infrastructures