MVNO STARTER : the easiest turnkey solution to start your full MVNO business quickly !

Manage voice calls, SMS, Postpaid Billing, data and subscribers.

visual of the full MVNO Starter solution, the turnkey solution to become a full MVNO

FOR WHAT ? In order to become a Full MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and to get revenues from trafic of your own customers and from incoming trafic - you need :
- a Core Network infrastructure for routing and switching capabilities,
- an Operations Support Systems (OSS) platform for services and apps management
- a Business Support Systems (BSS) solution for customer care and billing.

Ouroboros and OSS/BSS partner Enhance Systems have created this affordable, carrier-grade and scalable turnkey solution easy to implement which includes all the core network elements necessary to manage customers, voice, SMS, data, billing and all the BSS/OSS elements for backing up subscribers' management.

FOR WHOM ? This disruptive end-to-end solution is dedicated to start-ups that want to launch their business quickly and get fast R.O.I. (Return On Investment), with a solution that is easy to implement and doesn’t require a technical team.

HOW MUCH ? Our end-to-end solution is highly competitive in terms of pricing. It offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio and greater independance and control over your subscriber base than any other basic offerings existing on the market. Price is divided into 2 parts :
- a cost of setting up + training
- "Pay-as-You-Grow" monthly renting fees (from a few tens of cents down to a few tenths of cents).
The final cost is stronghly linked to the number of subscribers and its evolution. The more you have subscribers, the less you will pay and therefore the more you will earn.

HOW IT IS DELIVERED ? "MVNO Starter solution " is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) using our or your own private cloud or On-Premises renting.

HOW MANY SUBSCRIBERS ? Our highly-scalable end-to-end solution handles from 1000 to millions of subscribers.

WHEN CAN I EXPECT TO START ? Given that we have prepared the platform and made the pre-installation package, we are able to deliver the project from start to launch in as short time as 3 months. Then, the host MNO can add more time in your planning.

Are you ready to start your full MVNO business ? Check here the 5 steps before launching a Full MVNO.

Key core network and BSS/OSS elements

Core Network elements







Option for prepaid : USSD GW + TopUp + OCS

BSS elements

Product catalogue



Call Center




Back office

Workflow engine

OSS elements




Additional features

Start-up Configuration

SIM Management

Training (system)

User Administration

Online User Manuals

CDR File Mediation

7 Standard reports

White label webshop

Service Specific flows


5 steps before launching your full MVNO

How to launch a full MVNO ?

How to launch your Own full MVNO ? You need to prepare carefully your future MVNO Business to be highly competitive and avoid losing money. In the above image, are noted some recommendations from our experts. Ouroboros team can help you to handle :

Step 1: We build your Business Plan.

Step 2: You negociate a network access with a host MNO, you get a licence from telecom regulators and you buy Sim cards.

Step 3: We create your Deployment plan.

Step 4: We deploy your solution.

Step 5: We train your staff on your new infrastructure.