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Ouroboros ePDG : Extending Wi-Fi experience to 4G/5G networks...

In our new digital world full of promises, mobile phone subscribers expect to enjoy movies at home, to send emails from a café in a shopping mall or to connect to their newest social app from their car. They do love to connect to a hotspot whenever and wherever they can, to reduce their precious data consumption of their phone subscription or to get better reactivity or bandwith.
Wi-Fi (Wireless Networking Protocol) is still the first wireless access to internet before 3G/4G data connectivity. In many location, it’s the most cost-effective access method and in other the only one possible. Then the Wi-Fi operator (WISP) business case is to attract customers, get a simple way to make them pay and to log into network with the smallest hassle possible. For GSM operators, it’s to reduce churn by providing transparent connection, saving costs by offloading data to Wi-Fi network.
We can categorize 3 kinds of Wi-Fi Access :
- Public Wi-Fi access, like in mall, airport, stadium…
- Resident Wi-Fi access per ADSL router box, or home dedicated access point.
- Enterprise Wi-Fi access
On these Access Points (AP), several kind of devices :
- SIM with : Phone, M2M, modem
- SIM less : Tablet, laptop, intelligent objects
The access to the mobile services (voice, messaging, data) is delivered over the cellular radio access network of the telco operator. Those same services accessible through Wi-Fi are available through untrusted networks or non-3GPP networks.
The question of security is crucial to create a happy Wi-Fi-enabled community. In order to extend a trusted Wi-Fi experience to 4G/5G networks, Ouroboros mobile core specialists have developped a highly secure ePDG (Evolved Packet Data Gateway).
Ouroboros ePDG provides several EAP (Extensible Authentification Protocol) securising large chunks of Access Points (Hotspot 2.0 or later) with the conjunction of Ouroboros HSS++ (handling AAA Authentication for SIM or SIMless devices directly), and Ouroboros PDN-GW enforcing Policy and Billing provided by Ouroboros PCRF and third party OCS/OFCS.

network architecture of the evolved packet data gateway to extend wifi experience securely to 4G and 5G networks.jpg

Use Cases:

# Metro-Wi-Fi
# Hotspots deployment (shopping malls, airports, clinics...)
# Connected stadiums
# Museums (Transforming Visitor Experience with Personalized, Managed Wi-Fi)

Key Benefits:


Architecture of Ouroboros PCRF


More control on your telecom network

Architecture of Ouroboros Pocket IOT solution

Pocket IOT solution

Connect objects and devices to Apps over multiple infrastructures