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Telco-in-a-box: Start your own full MVNO business !

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) business is the current fastest growing trend and very lucrative opportunity in Mobile Telecommunications. But what is exactly a MVNO ? A MVNO offers wireless communication services without possessing full infrastructure or license for using radio frequencies. It offers wireless communication thanks to agreements concluded with the mobile network operators which already exist. These companies obtain bulk access to the mobile communication network at set retail prices and wholesale rate for their consumers.
However, the degree of subcontracting of a MVNO to its host operator depends on the economic model in which it operates. Therefore, there are different types of MVNOs: The light MVNO model in which the MVNO is responsible for the marketing, the commercialization of its offers and the customer relations whereas the host mobile operator fully operates the mobile services, In the full model, the MVNO is more independent; it is responsible for the core network part with its own customer database and its own SIM cards and services and rent the radio capacities to host operators to allow its customers the access to terminals. It can make more substantial margins because it is more flexible in terms of prices and it can provide services that a MNO does not want to offer such as the VoLTE, the M2M or the Multi-SIM.
For future MVNOs, making the right balances between MNO independence versus dependence, CAPEX/OPEX, etc. are the trickiest process and probably the key for future profitability. Very often, given the cost of Mobile Operator infrastructure, MVNOs are doomed to choose the so-called “light” MVNO setup to reduce CAPEX but find themselves entangled to the MNO infrastructure while not being able to deploy market positioning as they should.
With this in mind, Ouroboros has cleverly architectured a turnkey solution allowing new entrants or light MVNOs to quickly become a “full” MVNO, giving them freedom and power of control. Moreover, Ouroboros Telco in a Box solution starts at 1000 users and can quickly increase its capacity to millions subscribers by licence upgrades.
Key infrastructure equipments such as SMS-C, USSD Gateway, HLR, SCP, TopUp and the underlying IS for provisioning, customer care and billing are included by default in a redundant, COTS hardware with high-availability features. The infrastructure is virtualizable and can be provided on a cloud, or on premises, in Opex (rented) or in Capex (Purchased). This All-in-one solution allows MVNOs to cut technical complexity and optimize costs, in order to focus on core business.
Thanks to its flexibility and reliable solution, Ouroboros has become the European leading provider of full MVNO infrastructure on GSM & LTE.

network architecture of the product telco in a box in order to create an mvno

Use Cases:

# New MVNOs wishing to have freedom of movement from start, even with low subscribers expectations.
# Light MVNOs going FULL while trying to keep CAPEX as low as possible.
# MNOs opening their network to MVNOs with a standard, reproducible setup.
# Specialized MVNO which wants to deliver dedicated services (bank, health...)

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