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Ouroboros Pocket IoT solution: Connect objects to Apps over multiple infrastructures...

By 2020, the number of connected Things is expected to exceed 50 billion (according to analysts). Everyday physical objects and devices will be connected through a network connectivity enabling data transfer on a basis of unique identifiers.

Facing the complexity of this future network, which offers virtually endless opportunities and connections, Ouroboros has developed a greenfield Pocket IoT solution.

As IoT may present different security challenges, such as the rise in cyberattacks (35% between 2014 and 2015), Ouroboros experts have developed an optional client library to encrypt packet with small footprint.

Given that billion of objects with a unique identifier will be connected, Ouroboros developers have imagined an intelligent network enabling the connection of different verticals and horizontals such as connected home, smart cities, connected retail, transportation, smart farming, security, manufacturing, etc.

In order to follow technology trends, Ouroboros Pocket IoT solution has been designed as a common platform to cover multiple layers of technology stacks (Security, Network, Database, Webservice, Redundancy).

architecture of iot connectivity solution

Use Cases:

As Pocket IoT is a universal solution, it is impossible to list the huge number of opportunities.
Here are some use cases :
Connected Health & Health monitoring
Connected health care system and smart medical devices will generate an increased reliance on IoT across geographically dispersed locations :
# Care homes and in-home clients
# In-house IT or Service Provider

Smart home
Automated lighting and heating, connected fire alarms, connected fridges, video surveillance cameras, temperature sensors will create valuable new insights to help people lower their utility bills.

Smart farming, smart city, smart retail, smart supply chain are also business-cases that will revolutionize the physical world.

Key Benefits: