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Gateway Mobile Switching Center : freedom of routing your calls

New Options available : MNP, integrated Camel SRF and Diameter Ro client support

Mobile Telefony Return-on-Investment highly depends on routes that Voice calls take from your network to other mobile networks. Choosing custom, cheap or quality routes to complete calls is key to Mobile Operator's profitability.
Jumping from a light MVNO setup, where all routing decisions are made by the backing MNO, to a trully full MVNO setup will imply deploying your own Gateway MSC (GMSC) in order to setup route agreements with peers that are more profitable. However, up until now, market available GMSCs are designed for high capacity operators and priced accordingly.
Ouroboros GMSC is the solution in order to lower the entry cost and follow tightly the size of your subscribers base. It leverages the Bordernet features to seamlessly route calls to/from ISUP, ISDN and all flavors of SIP. With the ability to be deployed in clusters, it provides high-availability for business continuity. Although it was designed to fit the needs of small MVNOs, one can activate all the options of the internal MSS required in complete Core Network setups such as :

   - SSF : Camel triggers to SCP in order to deploy Intelligent Network services and billing.
   - Diameter Ro Interface to Online Charging System for 4G billing in SCUR mode.
   - Mobile Number Portability : Ouroboros can design and deploy the MNP service adapted to each country regulation.
- SRF support : the integrated Intelligent Peripheral is an IVR which supports VXML scenarios.

Please note that Ouroboros can also provide MNOs and MVNOs with its own SCP and design custom IN Services, including voice services from scratch.
network architecture of Ouroboros Gateway Mobile Switching Center (GMSC)

GMSC Options:

# Camel Phase 2 and 4 SSF
# Diameter Ro
# Camel Phase 2 SRF
# Camel Phase 4 (requires adaptations)

Key Features & Benefits:


Network architecture of Ouroboros HLR, Home Location Register


Keep control of your network

Network architecture of Ouroboros SCP billing


Get your network ready for new Services