Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

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Equipment Identity Register (EIR) : our multi-purpose network gatekeeper.

Ouroboros advanced Equipment Identity Register allows or denies network access to subscribers, based on their equipment IMEI and pre-configured filtering list (black, white or grey list) stored in fast databases. Beyond the traditional EIR function, it will leverage Operator infrastucture allowing old style functions to be performed in a more effecient way:

# Welcome SMS without the traditional requirement for unreliable probing systems.
# Automatic OTA trigger for new mobile phones and/or new subscribers coming on-net.
# Tracing of subscribers mobile phones, when national legal framework allows or requires.

New! Thanks to its expertise and agility, Ouroboros team also added recently the 5G-SA support into its EIR with its OAI interface to provide a 2G to 5G multi generation device easy to deploy and provision and let us secure your network.

architecture of an equipment identity register which helps to allow and block network access



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