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ExciteR.O.I.: Be sure to exploit the full potential of your MVNO business by boosting your Return On Investments !

The high potential of the MVNO market is now well established and excites envy from businessmen all over the world. In order to face with the ever-increasing demands from newcomers who want to start their own MVNO business, Ouroboros has just created a greenfied service range called Excite R.O.I.(Return On Investments), provided by a team which gathers technical and marketing experts.
This brand-new service aims at helping newcomers to refine their project on a basis of sound technical & legal frameworks and strategic insights.
Although Ouroboros is firstly a tech-native core network provider, it remains important for us to guide our customers to success. That's why we have created our Excite R.O.I. service range.
These services co-designed by our technical and marketing experts, aim to help newcomers to fine-tune their project technically, legally and strategically.
The first strategic step is to design an MVNO/MVNE business plan: this is what we offer with our Excite R.O.I. Target offer.
The second step is to design an appropriate deployment plan: we make this plan for you via our Excite R.O.I. Network Offer.
Once your business is on track, we propose to improve your customers' feedback through our Excite R.O.I. CX (for Customer Experience) Offering.

ExciteR.O.I. Target

We build your game-changing Business Plan for your MVNO or MVNE (market & regulation analysis, customer segmentation, definition of the services and financial projections).

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ExciteR.O.I. Network

We design your Deployment Plan (definition of the services, selection of the host MNO(s), technical and regulatory adaptations, design of the dedicated infrastructure).

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ExciteR.O.I. CX

We advise you on how to increase your customer attractiveness (guide to new customer interaction channels and their new requirements).

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Key findings:

# New mobile world creates new business opportunities.
# New interactions generate new channels to engage and serve customers.
# Competitive MVNOs take into account of disruptive elements.

Key expertises:

Types of MVNOs and Providers

Discover the big differences between Full and Light MVNOs

The differences between Light and Full MVNOs

There are 2 types of MVNOs : Light or Full MVNOs.

The big difference between Light and Full MVNOs lies in the dependence/independence from the ‘’host’’ MNO.

Light MVNOs have no infrastructure. They are tied to the MNO for all their services and products except for marketing, sales, and distribution.

Full MVNOs have their own infrastructure (core network) + their own OSS/BSS platform (back office to manage all their services). They have a full control over their services.

There are also different types of Full MVNOs and OSS/BSS platforms depending on which elements they own.