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Online Charging System : master subscribers' budget in real-time !

Online Charging System (OCS for short) is a crucial function for mobile operators to calculate the cost of a given service consumption by using the accounting information.
Our mobile core technology experts have cleverly architectured the carrier-grade Ouroboros OCS around a redundant database to manage user accounts, uniquely identified by their phones numbers or IMSI or SIP Id, in real-time in order to avoid a billing error.
Ouroboros OCS rating is completely programmable according to your business needs, which enables to create competitive and differentiating services while optimizing network utilization.
In order to deploy billing solutions, telecom operators have to create a charging plan in which billing and charging rules must be defined.
It exists various ways of charging, among them :
# Call initiation charging
# Call termination charging
# SMS charging
# Data volume charging
per PLMN or PLMN set of calling place and called party.

The disruptive technical agility of Ouroboros team will help mobile operators to be a step ahead and to distinguish themselves from competitors.

architecture of Online Charging System (OCS)

Main features:

# Centralized real-time charging system
# Balance control
# Real-time service management optimization
# Small footprint
# Small latency

Key Benefits:


network infrastructure of a scp, service control point to create billing


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